Elena RahrigDo you need some clarity for your business goals? Do you need to learn just one lesson that will help you become unstuck? No problem! Elena is here to help. You pick which academy you need a lesson in, and what the lesson needs to be.

Click the button below to purchase a 1 hour coaching session with Elena. Once you pay, you will be directed to Elena’s schedule page, to pick your day and time. Once your appointment is set, Elena will send you an email to specify the reason for the call. If you would like for your session to be on Elena’s video conferencing platform, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Visit Zoom.us
  2. Open a free account
  3. Check to make sure your audio and video are in working order.
  4. When Elena emails you about the session specifics, please reply and let her know that you plan to chat via video conferencing.
  5. Then, wait for your schedule appointment.

***Be sure to be on time, as each minute you are late, takes away from valuable coaching time with Elena.