Don’t Get Screwed! What You Must Ask Before Hiring A Coach / Consultant!

If you are speaking to someone who has no system, simply move on. Do not work with this person. Think about it…everything runs on a system. Your body, the world, every company and organization, and even our school. A system is  nothing more than a clear cut plan. Can you really trust someone with no plan? 

Why Mastermind Groups Are Key To Your Success.

Do you desire collaboration with like-minded people? Are you a person who wants to receive support right where you are in your business endeavors? Do you desire to build ongoing networking relationships? The desire to run my own business has been on fire in me since I was about 20 years old. I have always […]

10 Things You Must Fear

Why do I want you to fear? Because, Fear is Your Friend. Think about it. We run from that which we fear. The problem is, most people fear the wrong fears. When you fear, what I call, Healthy Fears, success becomes yours. Read on, and I will prove it.