Dear Elena,

Today you are 37 years old. As I sit here at my desk and stare into your eyes at the age of 9, my heart breaks for what you are about to endure. Currently, you are still very innocent; and despite the heartaches you have already fell victim to, your eyes are still shine. However, it won’t be long until that shine in your eyes will dissipate as tears of betrayal, uncertainty, and displacement replace them. Your tears will be a mere stain on your cheeks compared to the torment that will entangle your insides and linger for years thereafter.

As I write this letter to you, I have a lump in my throat just thinking of the torment that one day will flood your mind, darken your heart, and torment your soul. I desperately want to reach through the particles of air to grab you and hold you, so you will find relief and comfort throughout your next 20 years…but I can’t. All I can do is assure you of a few truths.

As you go through this time, you will kick your door and scream at God. You will walk the halls of your school as you overhear the whispers of your name attached to unimaginable rumors. You will fidget in your desk seeking to crawl out of your own skin. You will feel as though you can’t ever do or say anything right, causing you to question and over-analyze your every move. You will trust in friends and confide in them; in which they willyou’re your innermost thoughts and feelings against you in order to mock and destroy you. You will have boyfriends cheat on you, causing you to feel ugly and unworthy. You will pick apart areas of your body wishing they looked like the girls in the magazines. You will feel so alone at times that you eventually find yourself sitting before a medicine cabinet wishing you had the courage to down every pill in order to kill the lingering pain.

I must tell you, I am very grateful and proud of you that you don’t choose to take those pills, and you do find your way out of the dark heart that is about to consume you.

As you go through your next 20 years of darkness wondering what the purpose of your life is, I want you to have a glimpse of the overcomer that is within you.

You at 37 are successful; not just in business, but in your personal life also. You learn to take control of your life by making life happen the way God intended it to, you have a very close relationship with God, you love to the fullest extent as you protect your environment from fraudulent friends. You learn to forgive yourself and others, and have a decently peaceful and happy life. Moreover, you are a powerhouse of a business woman who leads others through their own brokenness, and the creation of their empires.

At 37 you have written twelve books, created eight business academies, and four personal development programs. You have taught your programs and academies in prisons and high schools, along with mentoring men and women of all ages on how to create, build, and sustain their Empires. Ironically enough, you have spent some significant time helping adolescents overcome what you are going to overcome during your teenage years.

You are married with 4 beautiful children, and have a husband who adores you and believes you have hung the moon. At your age now, the age of 9, you are about to find out that people no longer think you are a cute little girl as they will grow to despise you. No worries though, because by the time you are my age, 37, you will come to realize it is perfectly okay not to be liked by many. You fully understand and appreciate the power of having a couple true friends that will never give up on you as they love you to the greatest heights of love.

Your future truly becomes glorious and makes what you are about to endure worth going through. You, my dear, do in fact come out stronger and wiser beyond belief. This is because you love and respect yourself and others; and because of this, you sleep very well at night.

Your trials that are coming will darken you, but only for a season, as you will find your strength, confidence, and abilities through God. I pray this tear stained letter finds you back in 1991 so you can see yourself through my eyes – the older you.

Written with love and gratitude for finding your strength so that I can be who I am today,

Your Older Self – Elena

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  1. Kisha Walker
    Kisha Walker says:

    Oh wow, this is such a touching and beautiful letter. Your life is bringing healing that you probably never thought it would.
    Your strength is yours, Elena and your youngerself tapped into it, she did. And that’s how you are here today. I adore this story! ????


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