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In a world where people want things quick, easy, and cheap, it is no wonder why most entrepreneurs never become as successful as they want. In fact, most entrepreneurs sit frustrated and flabbergasted as to why success seems to happen for everyone but them. I assure you, the only way to create, build, and sustain your Empire is to invest in your education.

For example, self-published Authors are everywhere. They are using tricks and tactics to become an Amazon #1 best-selling author; but, the world is catching on. The world is beginning to understand that an author can sell one book and gain that status. Here is how…when you upload your book to Amazon, put it in a category where no other books are selling; for example, workbooks. Then sell your book as an e-book for 99 cents, push your family and friends to purchase it, and like magic you hit Amazon #1 best-sellers list. Most importantly, it was quick, easy, and cheap…right?

Well, there you are, sitting with a #1 best-selling book, but still not successful and nobody is reading what you wrote.  Let’s look at another example. Most self-published Authors are writing their book quick, easy, and cheap, with the intent to use their book to set them up as an authority figure and obtain speaking engagements. However, it just is not working! They are still sitting there with dust on their book, boxes of books that won’t sell, and no speaking engagements that pay.

Here is why. When you write a book that is written poorly and has not been edited and published as a world-class book, when people read it, they have the opposite thoughts about you, your intellect, and your workmanship. Personally, when I want to hire someone for any type of coaching, consulting, or programming, I will first spend a few dollars with them to see if I like them and their content. If I can tell their content is put together cheaply, I then know they have not invested in their education and will not invest in me as their client. Therefore, I move on looking for someone else to hire. I look for someone to hire who cares enough about me to invest in their education to deliver outstanding content.

So, my overall point is this…We all need others to help showcase our content professionally. Perhaps, you are not the best writer, simply invest in learning how to write. Moreover, invest in world-class Editors who will say what you are meaning to say, but can say it in a professional manner. Also, your website is the face of your company. Instead of a pop-up website, invest in a professional website designer.  In all aspects of your business, invest in your education and everything that will be the face of your Empire. If WalMart had a crappy looking building, nobody would enter it; therefore, nobody would buy from there.

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  1. Tammeron Karaim
    Tammeron Karaim says:

    Yup! Books are a dime a dozen these days! I love to read a great story that shows me how someone managed to move through a difficult situation in their life. I want to know how they changed their mind or perspective. However, I don’ t want to know who did what to who ? Stories of courage are my all time favourite books to read. I want to find the true character within the person after reading their book.
    Great works of art are created over time.
    Great message here Elena! xo

  2. Becky Russell
    Becky Russell says:

    Amen! Shortcuts rarely pay off. Take the time to know your strengths and weaknesses. A valuable lesson I learned when getting my writing critiqued: if more than one person is pointing out a problem with pacing, grammar, etc., pay attention. It’s often difficult to see your own weaknesses. Writing contests were so valuable in that regard. And it was exciting to see the scores improve as I worked on my craft.

    • Elena Rahrig
      Elena Rahrig says:

      Shortcuts pay off when traveling, and that is probably about it. (ha) “…worked on my craft.” That is a statement to pay attention to! Many want to be great overnight, but sometimes it takes years. We all must remember to enjoy the journey, be open to receiving help, and getting better each day. Thanks for your valuable insight Becky!

  3. Laurel Archer
    Laurel Archer says:

    I agree with you Elena! I don’t want to put anything out that’s not quality because it would reflect on me and my reputation. Unfortunately, that takes time and energy to produce good work – but it’s so worth it on the back end – and it will pay you over and over if you have put the thought into doing it the RIGHT way!

  4. Juline Bruck
    Juline Bruck says:

    I agree with this article profoundly. While I was recognized in High School as having the talent of writing, my message was embryonic. It took years of experience, some hard knocks and profound encounters with other great intellects to develop content. Even now, I would say that the best source of powerful content is found in one on one conversations with individuals of depth. You will find them in the most surprising places. You may only get one ‘nugget’ out of the dialogue worth passing on to the public so showcased as described above.

    Besides being a thoughtful, generous conversationalist, having a mind with liquidity to parse great concepts is key. If it takes too long to get to the point,the people get ugly. I’ve seen it. It’s frightening. This is where the quote from Henry Ford fits “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is why so few engage in it.” Ah man, ya made them think! I believe this refining process is to subject your views to dissenting perspectives. They want to argue anyway. They love to debate! Dare to get into a philosophical space where personal character is safe but your content is not! Then you will know for a surety that your message is ready for great distribution!


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