The Sheppard

Goat Friend

Doggy Friend

My daughter Brittany, came home with an adorable teeny weeny Nigerian Dwarf goat that was only 3 day’s old. We named her Callie! My husband, Vern, found a tiny blanket and swaddle wrapped her and put her in our bed. She slept with us for two weeks. 

We moved Callie’s bed to the living room couch, where she would cuddle up with our pet dogs, Brodie and Neko. Callie thought she was a dog too.  Our tiny goat would go outside with the dogs when they needed to go out to run and play.  

Vern included Callie on his trips to town. So Brodie, Neko, and Callie would jump into the truck to ride  “shot gun” while Vern ran errands.   

One day when we drove up to the bank’s teller window, the bank teller did a double take! Yes, it was a goat! The next time she saw the truck coming with Callie’s head hanging out with dogs,  she had bones waiting for all of them.

When Callie turned 5 months, she would jump up and stretch her neck to reach the counters to grab papers.  She loved papers! Any chance she got, she would look for papers to eat. Any type of paper from anywhere; including purses. 

Callie got in my purse and snatched and ate some important papers. She ate papers from the DMV,  my son’s 1st pay check, and a 20.00 bill. 

After the $20.00 dollar bill eating incident, we got her a nice Kennel and an area in theback yard set up for her.  During the day, Callie would be outside with the dogs,  and she had her roomy kennel with her dog bed to sleep in at night. 

Callie still went on outings with us and the dogs!

Callie has been in a fashion show, rode in a school bus, went to school for show and tell, and has been in the pound! 

She is known around Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo. There are so many stories to tell. Because of Callies adventures, we were inspired to write up a children’s book series called Callies Capers!!