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    • Our mentors teach your kids how to be an Entrepreneur!

    • When you join the adult Transform Mastermind Global Community, your kids join for free!

    • If you don’t want to join, but love your kids and want this for them, we will waive the $300 enrollment fee!

    • Did I make it clear...this is a per family price, not per child! All 2 or 20 of your kids can join for only $35 a month!

    • Are your kids adults and you have grandchildren? Well, we count those as your kids! Bring them on in!

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    What will the prize be?
    A Transform Signature bag filled
    with lots of goodies!
    **Winner must be a child.**

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    Meet Our Next Generation’s Junior President

    Kirby McDonald is an aspiring entrepreneur. Since a young age Kirby has strived to become an entrepreneur. Growing up in a family where most of his relatives had owned a business gave him the boost and knowledge to get started.  His sophomore year in high school Kirby joined a club called Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).  In FBLA, Kirby earned experience, and taking many 1st places in region and state.

    Kirby loves to help people and sees potential in everyone, giving him the ambition to become a business and technology teacher. With many kids going in and out of school with no hope for the future, he hopes to be able to inspire kids and show them what they can do. While doing this Kirby will be running his own business.