“I can honestly say I have never seen someone who will hustle as much as Elena does for her clients. She adds value to everyone in everything she does. She inspires me, encourages me, and does what she says she will do. Her Facebook group is packed with business growing tips, support, and tons and tons of value, especially for such a small fee. It’s a community of individuals who each desire to see the success of every member of the group. Thank you Elena for all you do!”

Stephanie CalderonDoterra Consultant

Elena Rahrig, who published my last three books, is such a delight to work with because finding someone who is not only smart, but continues learning all the latest everything in business, and works as fast as I do is such a treat! And, she does it all with high quality. She is such a find for those who want to learn the ways of business!

Syndee HendricksFounder ImagineMoreSuccess.com

Elena is a powerful speaker, has a brilliant mind and best of all, she really cares!

Flint Herold Business Buyer / Private Equity Affiliate / Venture Investor / Co-Author

Elena is a true professional. She has inspired me to better writing and helped guide me through the writing process. I am also in her mastermind program and value her insights and practical, easy to implement ideas. She is a powerful leader and sincere advocate of my success.

Laura HayfordICF accredited Coach at Lives Enriched: Coaching for Better Lives

The Masterminds Group is such a blessing!
I am so blessed to be a part of such an encouraging team of people! Elena processes great leadership skills that not only encourage you in your business but her personal investment in your growth. It is always a pleasure to hear from her and the group, definitely keeps you motivated!

Megan Tuttle CrouseEntrepreneur and Counselor

I have found the Transform Master Mind Group informative, supportive and extremely interesting.
Elena Rahrig not only focuses on personal development but also growing your business with the many tools she offers through her academies. Most importantly the Master Mind Group gives us an opportunity to share information, thoughts and support with one another as we process various issues of the business world. I have learned a great deal about speaking skills, writing skills and program development. The icing on the cake is the interviews Elena holds weekly with extremely skilled individuals.

Jeanne Porter / JeannePorterz.com / Founder: Women in Business Networking / Author: SUCCESS powered by relationships / Motivational Speaker

I am so thrilled to be a member of the Elena Transform Mastermind Group. I have seen such growth and development in myself since joining. One thing I absolutely love is that Elena is truly committed to the success of the group. She goes above and beyond to help us succeed individually. Being in the group has kept me accountable, and helped me to push myself to be greater. I highly recommend this group to anyone who has a desire to take their business to the next level.

Jenn Ray“Your Love Coach” / JennRay.net / Founder & President: Restoring Her Inc. / Author: Secrets From Delilah / Author: Cracking the Code: Communicating with Men / Empowerment Speaker

Your expertise, sprinkled with the energy you bring to the table is exceptional and unique. I pray for your territory to be enlarged and I thank you for allowing me to share your space during this season of our lives. You are more than my publisher, editor, program developer, Transform MasterMinds – you are MY FRIEND and I don’t take that lightly. The best is yet to come! Because I care – I share. Daria

Elena Rahrig is a person I highly respect and admire. We were introduced to each other during a collaboration of publishing the book SUCCESS – Powered By Relationships. Elena is the publisher, and the book has won an award after being released in May 2016. Elena is the founder of the Transform MasterMinds Group where she is teaching/grooming individuals that are serious about being the great person God created them to be. She is an editor, publisher, coach, consultant, program developer just to name a few! Elena is Founder of Elena Transform and Otter Publishing New York. If you are looking for someone who doesn’t think out the box – but crushes all the boxes so there is none to think outside of – you found the treasure at the end of the rainbow….Elena is indeed a treasure filled knowledge and experience and she is willing and qualified extensively to TRANSFORM YOU!

Daria Dillard StoneSpeaker & Author "SUCCESS powered by relationships"

Transform Masterminds consists of people with the drive for success. I love this group because of the various business backgrounds that allow you to envelop their experiences into your destiny. This is a true business support system, not some business club where there is very little benefit. Join and participate in real development!

Marchelle KearneyBusiness Owner / Entrepreneur

I personally would like to say “Thank You” for being an outstanding talented Public Speaker, patient Teacher, Great Mother …etc. You have motivated me in many areas of my life. With all of life’s ups and downs, parents getting older and kids growing into adulthood…etc; watching how you juggle responsibilities and do it with a SMILE!  Its incredible to me, but mainly it’s inspiring and motivating my mind and my heart to accomplish, and endure my dreams.

You have made a huge difference in my life, for example, as a Great Mother who spends quality time with her children, and spending time with your spouse…etc.  Then you host meetings on conference calls on and on…that’s Elena Rahig!  🙂  I got your life message to me, I have no excuses not to succeed in my life.

With your tools and providing instructions I know I will write several books and lesson plans to help others.

It was said to me that you “polish the outside” …you really do!

I would have love to meet you in person!  🙂

Thank you!

Victoria MooreEvangelist

Hello! Robert Vico here, from Outrageous Promotions, and host of the Facebook live show, Rob My Marketing Sucks. I’ve been in Mastermind groups on a local level since about 2005. This is my first time being part of an online Mastermind team, and it has been amazing. First of all, I must say, that with a name like Transform, it’s incredible and it’s powerful to know that you’re part of a team who wants to invest in your business the way Transform does. I think right now, the team is at about 82 entrepreneurs who all want to transform themselves and transform their businesses. So, it’s powerful connecting with this team of people. The other amazing attribute of Transform is, unlike traditional Mastermind groups – where you have one mentor, he leads the group, and he’s the only one who teaches the group— in Transform, we all come together to learn from each other. So, I can teach about direct response marketing, and Elena can teach about writing/publishing/marketing books and seven other academies, another person teaches you about your legal services for your business, and another gentleman teaches improv classes. Improv classes are great for salespeople who are on the fly, public speaking, and networking events when you have to improvise your greeting and what you’re going to say next. So, it has been a completely new experience for me and it has been amazing. I’m excited to continue to be part of Transform Masterminds, to learn from others and to teach others. If you want to learn, if you want to transform yourself and your business, and you want to teach others what you know, you’ve must join the Transform team. Elena’s Transform Mastermind Team is life changing and you won’t regret it. You will transform your life.

Robert VicoOwner of Outrageous Promotions / Author

Elena is Awesome! She works with you to help you create your program. Elena takes your ideas for your program uses her expertise of building her own empire! She is very giving on information in teaching you to be successful! Highly recommend Elena & Transform to go to the next level in business and become an Empire Creator!!

Michele HoffeckerSpeaker & Coach