Transform began in 2012 with a mission to create programs to help people determine who they are, divorce their fears, discover their capabilities, develop a significant life, and define their purpose. Once these programs were being taught in prisons and high schools, Elena realized getting people to a place of defining their purpose wasn’t enough–people needed more, they needed the next steps. This was when she began to develop academies–teaching people business so they could move past defining their purpose and begin fulfilling it.

What began as a travel and teach business, transformed into an online membership platform and then into a group where all of her clients could come together to connect, collaborate, and conquer. As Transform’s many clients continue to log into the membership website to learn and transform from the programs, academies, and books, they receive even more help from Elena and the Transform Leadership Team inside a private group setting. Each week, inside this group, Elena holds various online conferences, consulting and coaching sessions, and live video tutorials to further the group’s education and collaborative efforts; members also log into our membership portal where there are over 600 tasks to complete. (And, it continues to grow with more content weekly.)

10 Facts About Elena

1. Her parents paid her to read books beginning at age 12.

These were not random books; rather, they were hand-selected about business, life, and spirituality. Above just reading these books, her parents began training her in business and entrepreneurship. Ultimately, entrepreneurship chose her because it is all she knew to do.

2. She traveled and spoke on stages throughout her twenties.

Before having four children, two dogs, cats cats, and a husband, Elena followed in her Dad’s shoes as she spoke on stages selling and teaching business. Although she has slowed down her speaking career to raise her children into outstanding adults, she looks forward to Act 3, when she can get back out there full time.

3. She used to be a Corrections Officer.

After having her first child and realizing she wasn’t so sure she could continue to travel and speak, Elena wondered what it would be like to not be an entrepreneur. She graduated with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and went on to be a Corrections Officer. She wanted to be a Probation Officer, but there were no positions available. This career lasted eight months, when Elena realized she is an entrepreneur and found a way to continue speaking on stages and move forward with writing books, developing programs and academies, motivating and inspiring others, and teaching business.

4. She used to ride a blue Crotch Rocket Motorcycle.

Her older brother let her jump on his motorcycle to take a spin around the block. When she returned, she said, “Let’s go to the store! I must get me one of these!” From there, Elena, her brother, and his friends often hit the open roads together. After her second child, Preston, was born, Elena realized it was time to grow up and stay safe spending her free time with her fast growing children.

5. She has a goal to write 100 books in her lifetime.

Between programs, academies, and books, Elena has published 17 of her own works, and has ghost written 12 books. She looks forward to continuing to grow her staff to allow more time to produce more content at a quicker speed. She already has her list of book topics and many outlines completed. Now it’s just time to fill in the pages.

6. Those who make her laugh, will be her friend forever.

Come rain or shine, joy or depression, Elena finds ways to laugh–even if it is at herself. Who can make her laugh the most? Her husband, Doug! Besides all of his other great personality traits, this is by far her favorite. Together, she and Doug often make others laugh with their favorite mind-blowing happenings…like the time he locked himself out of their hotel room naked! Oops…he meant to stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but went through the wrong door! Eek!

7. She loves to dine & travel.

Food! Food! Food! Elena has the utmost appreciation for a good Chef! She has not met many foods she doesn’t love, and she is willing to try anything. Some of her favorites are: Steak cooked medium rare topped with Feta Cheese, shrimp tacos, sushi, gourmet pizzas, and everything her husband cooks.

8. Her dream car is a Lamborghini and a 1966 GT Mustang Convertible.

When the time is appropriate, Elena promises you will see her sporting both of these cars around town. For now, she is committed to pouring everything into her family to meet their needs and desires.

9. She tolerates zero drama, enjoys her boundaries, and is quick to walk away from chaos.

Elena loves people so much because she first learned to love herself. She learned to love herself because she learned how much God loves her. Part of loving herself is taking care of her mental and emotional well-being, so she can better serve others. So, when someone brings chaos and drama to any situation, they are out.

10. She thrives on helping those who are willing to help themselves.

Elena is often scolded and warned about her generous heart. Truth-be-told, over the years, Elena has endured many takers who wore her out. Figuring out a way to be true to her generous heart, Elena realized the importance of boundaries and now helps those who showcase the ability and desire to help themselves.