Elena is an internationally recognized Public Speaker, 10x Author, 9x Academy Developer, and 4x Program Developer. Beginning her entrepreneurial training at the age of twelve, and at the hands of her loving and wise entrepreneurial parents, Elena states, “Entrepreneurship chose me, I did not choose it. I don’t know any other way of life.”

Elena’s Empire is, Transform, and is where she assists business professionals in transforming their businesses into Empires, teaches them to universally connect, collaborate, and conquer for success, publishes their works, and offers up her academies, programs, books, and daily intellect to help them succeed in all areas of their personal and professional life. Earning the nickname Suri and Alexa, Elena’s clients are her second family who she is dedicated to and determined to have succeed.

Elena is grateful for her large staff who help her to remain focused as a wife and mother of four children. When not working to help others, Elena stays fit in mind, body, and spirit, through civic involvement, continued education, playing the piano, and exercise.