Elena Rahrig

Career Hightlights

  • International Consultant and Trainer serving 9 countries
  • Author of 13 books (4 children’s books)
  • Developer of 10 Academies
  • Developer of 4 Programs
  • Programs were taught in prisons and schools
  • Began training as an entrepreneur at 12 years of age
  • Trained by Andy Harrington, Patrick Snow, and many others
  • Has been speaking on stages for 18 years
  • Owns and operates a Mastermind Group
  • Owns and operates a Publishing Company

Speaking & Workshop Topics

For Business

  • Transform Your Business into an Empire
  • Branding Your Empire
  • Make Money without Marketing
  • Write & Publish Your Masterpiece
  • Strategic Book Marketing
  • Website Design, Development, & Distribution
  • Speak Professionally & Get Paid

Speaking & Workshop Topics

Personal Development

  • Determine Who You Are
  • Divorce Your Fears
  • Discover Your Capabilities
  • Develop a Significant Life
  • Define Your Purpose

Elena Rahrig

Born to entrepreneurial parents, Elena began her training at the age of 12 when her parents began paying her to read books on business, life, and spirituality–with homework to follow. Despite wanting to be a playful teenager, her parents instilled in her “You can’t sit down and slide uphill” as they brought her to work with them to work beside their office staff for basic training.

Falling in love with books, reading became a way of life for Elena, as did speaking on stages to share her wisdom. As others began to be intrigued by her knowledge, Elena saw it best to open a group where she could mentor others beyond the realms of what her parents were able to do for her.

Being mind-centered, Elena strives to be a student as often as possible as she continues to be the trainer. With a goal to write and publish 100 books in her lifetime, Elena has set forth an incredible line-up of topics to motivate, inspire, and teach others.

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Elena’s Books


People talk about “thinking outside the box”; but, that’s hard to do when you don’t even know how to get outside of it. Now Elena Rahrig has the answers you seek. After years of observing people, and realizing how we are conditioned by our family, peers, and environment, she has found the predictors for whether we are likely to stay in the box. The great news is, we can learn to behaviors, and build a new mind set, so we can escape. It is time to move from thinking outside the box, to climbing out, crushing it, and never looking back.

Let Elena guide you on your journey of transformation. In ‘Are You Boxed In?’ you will discover how to:

  • Determine Who You Are
  • Divorce Your Fears
  • Discover Your Capabilities
  • Develop a Significant Life
  • Define Your Purpose

Crush your box once and for all, to enjoy autonomy and significance. It’s your time to begin living the life you were created for.

What Others Are Saying About Elena Rahrig & This Book

“This is every entrepreneur’s dream come true. Finally, someone authored a book that does not only tell you what you need to do; rather, they also tell you how to do it and provides spaces for immediate implementa-tion. This book is a phenomenon for many reasons; but for one, it covers an array of topics every entre-preneur must know to own an Empire. I find the combination of personal development and business application to be profound. These Authors are correct when they say, “When your personal life suffers, your business will suffer—and vice versa.”

Patrick Snow
International Best-Selling Author
Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“I must be honest, I am not a huge fan of compilation books, because they are typically poorly put together with poor writing skills. However, since I am being honest, this book is deserving of my standing ovation —and yours too. It is obvious this book has fully been well planned and executed with the highest quality of professionalism.”

Niko Mercuris
Author / Speaker / Investor / Business Break Through Consultant

“We don’t know what we do not know, until someone shows us that we do not know it. This book has show-ed me exactly what I was missing that was hindering my success as an entrepreneur. Even more, since applying what I learned from this book, I have seen immediate transformation in my business. I am more confident than ever before that my business is trans-forming into an Empire.”

Jimmie Bell
OSU Alumni Football Player


Sometimes you must go to Hell and back before you are ready to accept what God wants you to do with your life.

At the young age of fourteen, Elena knew God has a plan for her to be a public speaker and author who would bring His message to the people, and bring hope to many lives. However, Elena’s human nature wanted to rebel and party instead.

Growing up feeling like a misfit, as the only girl in the family full of boys, becoming a boy chaser and a party girl, discovering the difficulties of being a single mom, and finally finding the man she desired to spend the rest of her life with, only to find many did not want her to be with him, resulted in one great big rollercoaster ride for Elena. Through all of her life’s ups and downs, she knew she was denying herself from living the life intended for her; but, she followed her own desires regardless. Then a horrific event turned into a miracle that healed her paranoia and quelled her resistance, making her realize it was time to embrace her life mission.

Tangled and Tormented is the honest testimony of a very human woman, seeking to follow Christ, even when her hormones had other plans.

We crave it. We fear it. We fail it.


We have the 10, 12, and 20 step programs. So, what’s the problem? Are we speaking and acting in ways that we aren’t even aware of? As humble as we are, we can shout an astounding “YES!” In this book you will discover profound insights to a few areas of struggle that you more than likely aren’t even aware of. I, Elena Rahrig, desire whole-heartedly for you to succeed. When you follow these simple, yet profound insights, you will succeed more rapidly than you ever dreamt of.

In this book you will discover the hindrances of the following words:

  • I’ll Try
  • Kind Of
  • So
  • Me, Myself, and I
  • You vs We
  • You’re Wrong
  • I’ll Let You
  • But
  • No
  • The

Also, you will learn:

  • What is wrong with this
    advertising piece.
  • Body Language

More of Elena’s books will be uploaded soon! 
Stay tuned!

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