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In memory of my Gramma Plumtree and Gramma Roses. These women were ahead of their time and were given no credit for it. They were strong women who managed their own money and raised their families alone, while never allowing life to get them down. They certainly rose above the challenges and letdowns of life. I learned a lot from them. They loved me and encouraged me to do better and expect only the best for myself. It is because of them I am an honest and trustworthy person, giving people the benefit of the doubt and looking for the good in every person and situation.

The most valuable lessons I learned from my grammas are:

  • Life is what you make of it.
  • If its not the life you want, then its your fault and only you can fix it.
  • You are not required to like everyone, but you are expected to be polite.
  • You can’t change the world, but you can choose to not contribute to the bad.
  • A woman doesn’t need a man to take care of her.
  • Take charge of your own finances even if you are married.
  • If you expect nothing, then that’s just what you might get.

I am the person I am today because of you two wonderful ladies.

I dedicate this book to my daughters,
Valentina and Olivia,
who have always encouraged me
to follow my dreams.


To my sons:
Tyler Reed
Jonathan David
Jordan Peter

You three are amazing men.

To the woman who has loved me the hardest and prayed for me the most through the ups and downs of my life journey, my extraordinary mother, Sandra Samuel.  Your foundation of love has made me the woman I am today.  You are my SHERO.

Ayurvedic Tri-doshic Recipes

Gut Health Recipes (Pitta)

Ayurvedic Recipes for the Season Change (Vata)

Ayurvedic Recipes for the Season Change (Kapha)

Ayurvedic Recipes with Superfoods


Ayurvedic Fun Food Facts









To my wife Terry, for always believing in me even when I didn’t always believe in myself. The one who
pushed me to be all she knew I could become. The one who has been the love of my life for the past 40 years.

To My Daughter

For the person you are and all that you’ll become. You are the reason for much of my work and the inspiration of my life lessons and learning. You are a gift, and I am forever grateful for the chance to be your mom. I hope to make you proud and show you all the things I didn’t know before, so you show up strong, true, and fully believing in your amazing self!

To My Younger Self

This is for the person you tried to be, the wars you fought, and the lessons you endured. I see the effort you put into people, relationships, and life in general. Thank you for that scrappy, feisty little spirit you’ve always had; I know how hard you tried. I honor and celebrate every misguided effort you put forth. You carried the load for a long time, and I assure you, I’ve got it now. You can rest easy, and I’ll take it from here.

“It’s less about sharing what you have accomplished in life and so much more about
how you can give back in the one that you are blessed to have.”

Aric H. Morrison

In this book, you will learn from each Empire Creator who wrote a chapter and will also receive written exercises to immediately apply what you learn. Each Author chose a topic that they know you need, and each has provided you with valuable tips and tools you must apply to be successful. You will learn personal development and business techniques because when your personal life suffers, your business will suffer.

Inside the pages of this book, 20 women have shared how they have reached a level of SUCCESS, powered by meaningful relationships. They have done so by, meeting the needs of others, being a connector, and building a network. None of us claim to be experts; we share only from our hearts to yours.

“Networking wastes time with random activity; NetWebbing leverages time through planned strategy.”

Cami Baker

“The mark of a great mentor is to give the student the ability to go farther than they ever could. The mark of a great student, and the best gift a student can give, is being able to surpass their mentor by going farther than they ever could. I have enormous shoes to fill; for I have the best mentors. However, I am up to the challenge.”

Alex Czaban

My desire for you, the reader, is to explore the pages and videos in this book. You will find it to be user friendly and fun. No matter where you are in your culinary experience, Comfort Foods Vegan Style, is designed to give you the satisfaction of creating vegan and raw dishes as you still enjoy your all-time favorite foods. It is absolutely no fun feeling restricted; and this is precisely why I created this cookbook. It really is amazing to figure out how to create whole plant-based foods that look, feel, and taste like the foods you grew up eating.

Because we eat with our eyes first, food should be pleasing to the eye and have the right balance of flavor and texture; all while creating a most marvelous experience in cuisine. As you go through these recipes, I encourage you to put your own spin on them. Recipes were made to be broken!

I hope you have as much fun using this book as I have had making it! Remember, food in its natural state gives the best nutrition to the cells and blood. I believe we should eat more whole plant-based food; our bodies are starving for it!

The Inspiration Behind, The Warrior’s Heart

It was the first summer Makayla came all by herself to visit her Grammie and GranDad. As the oldest grandchild at the age of nine, she was the first to fly across the country without her parents. The other children would have to wait until they were old enough.

Makayla spent the long summer days with her Grammie, having great adventures in the garden, creating beautiful homes for fairies to live. They dangled twinkling jewels about the garden to entice the fairies, imagining her fairies lived in the garden she named Akam Cove in the Land of Lilacs.

One day the two stopped for a lunch down on the terrace. Makayla noticed what appeared to be a pair of fairy wings lying near the steps! “Grammie, is that what I think it is? Are those actually fairy’s wings?” They gathered them up ever so carefully for they were very delicate. Amazed at the treasure she held in her hands, Makayla became very thoughtful, “Grammie? What would ever cause a fairy to lose her wings?”

It was this question that began weaving Elizabeth’s story, which one day became known as The Warrior’s Heart.

—Debra “Grammie” Ghysels


Are you thinking about selling your house? Whether you are relocating to another area or you need a larger or smaller house, selling is a huge process for most families. The list of “To-Do’s” is lengthy. It is important not to overlook the emotional attachment you most likely have to your current house. Leaving the familiar and moving into the unfamiliar can feel uncomfortable. The purpose of this power-packed book is to simplify the process and ensure you have all the information you need to cover all your bases with minimum stress.

There are three aspects to selling your house: 

  1. Doing the work necessary to prepare for a perfect presentation.
  2. Marketing your house. 
  3. Avoiding mistakes while the house is actively on the market.  

All three sides are essential and will be covered in this book. First, we will look at making your house ready to market. Depending on the age and the condition of your house, this can take the most time and will most likely incur some cash outlay. The more you can do up front to entice buyers, the easier the process will be.

Once your house is ready for the market, there are only a few but critical rules you need to follow. Now that you will have potential buyers viewing your house, the goal is to make this a great experience for everyone.  A perfect house will not sell without potential buyers knowing it is for sale. Little or ineffective marketing will greatly reduce the rapidity with which your house will sell.

Read this book carefully. Study and ponder the information presented. Discover why similar houses in similar neighborhoods can sell at different price points. Learn which improvements can enhance the value of your house and give you the best return on your investment.


My heart and prayers go out to all my sisters and brothers who have and had Breast Cancer and who went through so much more than I did. Many have had to deal with Chemo-therapy, Chemo-Brain, partial or full Mastectomies, loss of your hair, and so much more. There is nothing light about Breast Cancer, and I can only share my story and experience. I pray for you every single day. You are warriors and sur-vivors, and you are strong and amazing.

Dear God, please do your part to help us all heal, and I’ll do mine. Together you and I can get them laughing and smiling again! Deal? Deal! Amen!

He who dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalms 91:1


Although, I wasn’t born until 1982, I was born and raised in Flyover Country. So, even though my era of growth was unique to this book, this book was still able to open my senses and take me back in time. Best yet, it gave me sight to much that existed before I was a speck in my father’s eye.

For those of you reading this book who are from Mainland, USA (the land of the tourist), this book will capture your soul, captivate your senses, and expand your mind to what life was like for Brian Frobase and many others in his time. Moreover, it will give you a glance of what it was like for me growing up in my father and mother’s garden.

In current times, there is seemingly strife between generations, with titles being handed out effortlessly. Titles such as: Baby Boomers, The Millennials, and Generation X, Y, and Z. This gap arises out of lack of understanding to hardships, sacrifices, and simplicity that the Baby Boomers experienced, and ultimately that benefitted our generation that follows. I believe when the generations of today’s society reads this book, it will be eye-opening for all and begin to bridge the gap.

I encourage you to grab a cup-of-joe, dress in your oversized, cozy, only-the-house-can-see sweats, and settle in. I assure you, this book is like grandma’s comfort food—you know, the kind that sticks to your ribs—as it sticks to your heart for years to follow.

Are you struggling to stay motivated to achieve your goals, or seeking ways to keep your motivation at a high level? Do you enjoy getting ideas from others on how they achieved their goals? Are you looking for inspiration, or a great read to pump you up? Then look no further! Goal For It: 30 Paths to Imagine More Success offers answers to all of those questions, from multiple authors, who are inspirational and extraordinary!

  • Multiple motivated high achievers
  • Multiple ideas to achieve goals
  • Dozens of titles of motivational books
  • “Go to” motivational techniques from entrepreneurs
  • Discover a new way to think about fear
  • Systematic equations to goal achievement

Jenn Ray is an unconventional, God-loving worshipper, with cutting-edge, sultry, and fundamental strategies. She pioneers new ways of thinking and new methods of doing when it comes to worship & sex, relationships, and identity. She believes that worshippers make the best lovers, and that if we would truly understand worship and how to do so in spirit and in truth our relationships would flourish. It is from this foundation she shares the Worship & Sex Phenomenon. Today she is the author of “Worshippers Make Better Lovers, 30-Days in a Faith Fight, Cracking the Code: Communicating with Men, and the Anthology, Restored by the Pen”

When you open The 30/30 Rules Book. In each page you can discover little nuggets to help along your own Journey in life. Each Author has been hand selected and come from all over the Globe. Their life experiences can show you that you’re not alone, and we are here to support you in criterial decisions you may encounter or the day to day “know how’s” and “what to do’s.” You can have the life you truly desire and it can be easy! Holly has been an Entrepreneur over 35 years, and has lead many others to business adventures. Today, Holly uses her gift of connecting people, collaborating, and empowering others through her Coaching and Consulting business. The Image Designers, LLC. Holly is a firm advocate for living what she teaches. This book will answer so many questions we all have, and guide you through some others.  Inside you will see we are not so different.  Life is a journey and we must all learn to navigate ourselves to the places we want to go. You have a compass within, so find it and set its course.  Life won’t wait, so don’t let it pass you by, if you haven’t felt like you’ve begun, then today is not to late.

Everyday is a new day to start over.
Everyday is a new day to become better.
Everyday is a new day to live my dreams!

The wisdom within these pages is from many years of blood, sweat, and tears from each author, to get to where they are today. In my opinion, any women who have lived 40+ years has some knowledge to share with others. I hope that when you read this book, you will discover some new ways of doing things differently or get new ideas of changes you can make in your life. Who knows, maybe you will think your life has been boring and want to take some action!


On the next page is a simple test to see where your personality fits in the world of shoes.  Answer the questions as your younger-self, as it seems to be the truest conclusion. Remember, your first answer is usually the best and truest answer. Do not over think it…just have fun! (This is not meant to frustrate you.)

I kept it to four basic personas; but, remember, there is NOBOX.  You can be natural and become anything you desire to become. Just like there are many styles, brands, and colors of shoes, there are also many styles, brands, and colors of people—no two people are exactly alike.


People talk about “thinking outside the box”; but, that’s hard to do when you don’t even know how to get outside of it. Now Elena Rahrig has the answers you seek. After years of observing people, and realizing how we are conditioned by our family, peers, and environment, she has found the predictors for whether we are likely to stay in the box. The great news is, we can learn to behaviors, and build a new mind set, so we can escape. It is time to move from thinking outside the box, to climbing out, crushing it, and never looking back.

Let Elena guide you on your journey of transformation. In ‘Are You Boxed In?’ you will discover how to:

  • Determine Who You Are
  • Divorce Your Fears
  • Discover Your Capabilities
  • Develop a Significant Life
  • Define Your Purpose

Crush your box once and for all, to enjoy autonomy and significance. It’s your time to begin living the life you were created for.


Sometimes you must go to Hell and back before you are ready to accept what God wants you to do with your life.

At the young age of fourteen, Elena knew God has a plan for her to be a public speaker and author who would bring His message to the people, and bring hope to many lives. However, Elena’s human nature wanted to rebel and party instead.

Growing up feeling like a misfit, as the only girl in the family full of boys, becoming a boy chaser and a party girl, discovering the difficulties of being a single mom, and finally finding the man she desired to spend the rest of her life with, only to find many did not want her to be with him, resulted in one great big rollercoaster ride for Elena. Through all of her life’s ups and downs, she knew she was denying herself from living the life intended for her; but, she followed her own desires regardless. Then a horrific event turned into a miracle that healed her paranoia and quelled her resistance, making her realize it was time to embrace her life mission.

Tangled and Tormented is the honest testimony of a very human woman, seeking to follow Christ, even when her hormones had other plans.

We crave it. We fear it. We fail it.


We have the 10, 12, and 20 step programs. So, what’s the problem? Are we speaking and acting in ways that we aren’t even aware of? As humble as we are, we can shout an astounding “YES!” In this book you will discover profound insights to a few areas of struggle that you more than likely aren’t even aware of. I, Elena Rahrig, desire whole-heartedly for you to succeed. When you follow these simple, yet profound insights, you will succeed more rapidly than you ever dreamt of.

In this book you will discover the hindrances of the following words:

  • I’ll Try
  • Kind Of
  • So
  • Me, Myself, and I
  • You vs We
  • You’re Wrong
  • I’ll Let You
  • But
  • No
  • The

Also, you will learn:

  • What is wrong with this
    advertising piece.
  • Body Language

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