“The biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make when it comes to getting a website built is using a pop-up website platform, not building a website their company can grow with, and cutting corners to save money. Too many entrepreneurs come to me to build a website because their pop-up site doesn’t have the capabilities they need. So, we have to completely start from scratch, wasting all the time, money, and effort that went into building their first website. Moreover, website developers, such as us, get discounts on hosting and security; so, having a developer host multiple websites is the best way to go for you to save money!”

–  Elena Rahrig


  • We begin with a phone consultation to understand your vision and needs.
  • We brainstorm with you to guide you into new ideas your website needs, and direct you in creating more content, so you have a content rich, customer serving website.
  • Our team maps out, on paper, the layout and content of each page of your website.
  • We guide you in setting up your email funnel, and we connect it to your website; along with connecting your social media channels.
  • We assist you in deciding your overall branding, to include solidifying your color branding numbers and font pairings.
  • We assist you in updating all copy, to include your long and short bio.
  • We teach you about plugin options that allows your site to function in ways most don’t even know about.
  • When the process is over, we create you a video tutorial teaching you all the internal functions of your website so you know how to make updates, if you want to; instead of paying us for every small change. We stand firm in knowing the importance of you having complete control of your storefront – your website. We will never lock you out; nor will we leave you not knowing how to function it.

Whatever we do, we lock arms with the best platforms on the market. We use GoDaddy to host all of our client’s sites. Our top reasons are because:

  • They stand behind their work.
  • Their customer service is convenient and on point every time.
  • We have a 10-year longstanding relationship with them.
  • They back up your site every night at midnight so you never lose your site.
  • Their pricing is fair.
  • They don’t cut corners.
  • Their security packages are the best & fairly priced, with 24/7 security monitoring.
  • They have unlimited website storage.
  • They offer premium DNS.

Why we lock arms with WordPress to build all of our client’s sites. Our top reasons are because:

  • It’s free to use!
  • It is supreme when it comes to the CMS Marketing.
  • Host your blog, and more.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • All the big brand names use it too.
  • Amazing integration abilities.
  • Numerous ecommerce solutions.
  • You can host it anywhere.
  • Can create memberships & subscriptions.
  • Over 54,000 WordPress plugins at our fingertips.
  • Your site can grow with your company.

Absolutely! You will simply go to YourDomain.com/wp-admin and will be given your own admin log in credentials. From there, you will be logged into the back office of your website where you can manage every single page, post, comment, and everything else. If you ever need to know how to do something, we probably have a video tutorial that will help you; so, just ask!