Here at Transform Publishing, we understand how overwhelming the writing, publishing, and book marketing process can be. This is exactly why we, not only do some of the work for you, we also teach you everything you need to know throughout all processes. In fact, you will begin to see how most publishing companies take advantage of their clients and under deliver. Simply put, for many of our clients, by the time we are done working together, they could open their own publishing company.

But, before we dive in too deep, follow the process we have laid out for you, as our guest. At the bottom of this page and the following 5 pages, you will see a red button prompting you to the next step. We encourage you not to skip ahead, but… if by chance we bore you, just scroll down to the bottom of the pages to find the next red button. Just remember, things are done systematically for a reason. Our reason here is for your own good, because we want you to succeed!

If you hear anyone say Otter Publishing, that was our old publishing name before we merged our companies to become Transform Publishing

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STEP ONE: Don’t Make These Mistakes!

  • Create a book that embarrasses your brand.
  • Write a book that is unorganized in thought, making it difficult for your readers to understand.
  • Share a message that bores others, causing them to never finish reading your book.
  • Have a title that does not captivate others, hindering the sale of your book.
  • Have a book cover that others look past.
  • Have a book layout that is unprofessional and improper.
  • Have a book that does not display a publishing company’s logo.
  • Write a book that collects dust on your end table.
  • Have unorthodox front and back inserts.
  • Miss marketing opportunities within the pages of your book.
  • Wait too long to begin marketing your book.
  • Allow anyone or any other company’s name on your copyright.
  • Have a book without an LOC.
  • Unreasonably price your book.
  • Believe you are a great writer because you sound good to yourself, in your mind.