Is This Keeping You from Greater Success?

As a Mother of four, my son is at an age of comprehensive thought patterns. Of course, his thoughts of reason are clouded and often far from reality, but boy does he sure make a good effort to prove his point. I often tell him that he should be a lawyer, due to his ability […]

Are Your Conference Calls Boring?

Do you often attend online phone or video conferences? Are there times you feel like skipping the call because they can get boring or repetitive? Do you ever host a phone or video conference? Whether you host it or are a participant on a conference call, I encourage you to inspire some excitement on the call. […]

Pay to Speak to Sell

Pay to Speak to Sell. Many speakers use this strategy to get on stages in front of their target audience. Paying to speak to sell means, you pay your own way to get to and from the event, cover all overhead expenses, and sometimes even pay a fee to be on the stage. It means […]

One Word Will Transform Your Business

Oftentimes, I have financial advisers reach out to me in hopes of coaxing me to the local coffee shop to listen to how they can save me. Yes, they tell me how they can help me save money and retire comfortably. One time, I was tricked into meeting one of these seemingly financial life savers. […]

Elena’s 10 Rules of Celebrating Your Clients

Your clients are more than just a paycheck. They are your company…without them, your business does not exist. So, is a “Thank You” card truly enough? Are the words “Thank You for your business” at the end of your invoice truly enough? Is a box of candy in the mail enough? When you weigh your […]

The Realistic Timeline For Writing Your Book

I am sure you have seen those scammy advertisements: “Write your book in 30, 60, or 90 days!” Let’s stop and think about this for just a moment. Now, I understand many have grown accustom to the “Quick and Easy” mentality; however, let’s not forget the concept: “You get what you pay for.”  This concept […]

Steps to Getting Your Book Published

“I can get my book published for $35 online.” are words I hear often. Yes, these words are true. However, when you publish a book online, it is simply that—an online book. Founding and owning Otter Publishing New York for going on three years, I have had many clients come to me in desperate need. […]

How to Decide Your Book Title

“Ah-Ha, that’s it! I have my idea for a book! What should the title be?” From the initial thought of writing a book, a new author focuses on a title for far too long. In fact, many authors wait until they dream up the perfect title, before they will even begin adding words to the […]

Why Mastermind Groups Are Key To Your Success.

Do you desire collaboration with like-minded people? Are you a person who wants to receive support right where you are in your business endeavors? Do you desire to build ongoing networking relationships? The desire to run my own business has been on fire in me since I was about 20 years old. I have always […]

Why something as simple as a blue energy drink can change your business.

In a moment I am going to give you a tip; but, before I do, enjoy this story. There is a marketing company who is known internationally. The truth is, they weren’t always know internationally. It took time. It took marketing their marketing company. However, unlike most starter business turned empire, this particular marketing company […]