Do objects in motion truly stay in motion? Well, I am no scientist, but I was taught that objects in motion stay in motion; and I believe it.

Let me ask you: How are you feeling? Are the walls closing in on you? Are you ridden with anxiety, worry, or stress? Is the light at the end of your tunnel dim? Do you wonder how you will get to where you most desire to be?

I understand. I too have been there. In fact, I have been there for an entire year. Now don’t get me wrong, the Transform Empire is better than ever; but my personal life had seen less bumpy roads and better days.

When life geniually sucks, it is easy to remain in your jammies, succumb to your bed, and over-induldge in Netflix series. Trust me… I know… I did it for about a year! However, the day finally came when I began to move about, just a little bit. Wash a dish, sweep a floor, wash a shirt and pair of pants, go to the store for staples, and finally respond to the lingering text I was too depressed to respond to. It was baby steps. It was seemingly impossible to wash all the dishes, clean all the clothes, and shop for all the groceries. When depressed, we tend to do just enough to get by. Don’t we?

Then I felt something foreign. Like jumper cables to a car battery, I felt a jolt in my spirit. I felt a bit lighter. The pain started to subside. Oh, it was still there, but faded. As I was mildly skipping to my next task it consumed my brain to the point of writing this article… An object in motion stays in motion. 

If you are sitting in all your misery, unable to see the beauty around you, I urge you to get up. Get moving. Wash two dishes instead of the one you immediately need. Wash a full load of clothes, dry them, and put them away. Fill your grocery cart to the top. Call your friends to talk about hope, gratitude, and a brighter future. Most importantly, laugh! Whatever you do, stay in motion. The more you move, the better you feel. Turn on upbeat music and dance! Write out a new bucket list… one you can complete this year.

I know it is difficult… I know… I know… I know!!! But, you can do it! Choose to get up and live! Put one foot in front of the other; and as each foot passes by, praise your progress. No matter the depths of your lows, you possess the strength to commit to any task for two minutes. So, for now, give it two minutes. What I find is, after two minutes of doing a task, you begin to feel like doing it and you will keep on going… you will stay in motion. For example, when you decide to brush only one tooth, you will move on to brush them all; because you are already in motion. So, get up. Get going. Stay in motion. You got this!

Objects in motion stay in motion.
The more you move, the more you move.
The more you move, the better you feel.


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  1. Beth Lybarger-Daubenmire
    Beth Lybarger-Daubenmire says:

    No truer words were ever spoken! Thank you Elena for sharing your personal experiences, as we all can relate, these words show your courage and strength to persevere. When things seem to be crashing down on us, we shutdown and lose hope, but we cannot give up! Keep moving even when we feel we have nothing left, uplifting each other’s spirits and moving forward. You truly are an inspiration!

  2. Susan Giebler
    Susan Giebler says:

    Impactful Message!! I so agree and have been on each end of spectrum! Days I wanted to do nothing! Days I was running so hard – it wasn’t healthy for my family.
    I have learned to say YES and NO to things!
    Still learning ………../

  3. Lyn-Dee Eldridge
    Lyn-Dee Eldridge says:

    I’ve always said life is easy but you can be happier. Elena I could not agree with you more. This is one of the most powerful blogs that I pray others will take action and live their best life forward. You are truly a blessing to us all Elena❤️

  4. Daria Dillard Stone
    Daria Dillard Stone says:

    Elena thank you for this “lightning bolt” article! I know to well how it feels to “not be in motion!” You are so right on all cylinders my friend! I’m grateful to God for showing me to trust HIS PROCESS and not my problem! This is good- this is TRANSFORMING!

    Because I care I share!


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