10 Keys to Business Confidence

Elena Rahrig
April 2, 2021

10 keys to Confidence Elena Rahrig

1. Soak Up The Compliments

Negativity is noisier than an elementary kid blowing nonsense into his first flute-a-phone. At some point you are forced to cover your ears, while shaking your head and yelling, “Make it stop!”

So, how do you make it stop? Play something louder! But don’t just play it; play it louder and more often.

In life, you are given constructive criticism and compliments. Even more, you are dealt hatred that could make the devil sigh. Therefore, your #1 goal is to play and replay the compliments in order to squash the hatred between where the rubber meets the road.

Here is what I used to do until I was confident enough not to need to do it anymore:

Every time anyone gave me a compliment, I wrote it down in my notebook of compliments. Every time someone posted a compliment to me on social media, I took a screenshot of it. Then, I took all the screenshots and made a video. CLICK HERE to watch.

Read your compliments daily! Read them again when hatred is thrown at you.

Lastly, I wrote out the truth about me. (READ HERE) Then I recorded it in my own voice and listened to it every chance I had. Use mine to record in your own voice, or write your own. Simply put, brainwash yourself right into confidence.

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2. Know Yourself

A few years ago I developed a program titled, Your 5D Transformation System. In it, one of the D’s stands for Determining Who You Are. In one of the lessons I instructed my students (in the prisons and school systems) to write 100 things they love and 100 things they hate (or strongly dislike). Not at all surprising, they all said, “WHAT?! 100 of each?!” They could not fathom knowing 100 of each. And this is exactly why I wrote it into the program… people do not know who they really are.

Love and hate are both passions of the heart. Your heart is who you are. So if you don’t know what you love and hate, you truly do not know yourself, nor what you really want. Knowing yourself allows you to love and respect yourself, which will boost your confidence tremendously.

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3. Solve Other People’s Problems

Let’s face it, it feels great to accomplish things in life. When you accomplish something for someone else, it feels even greater. This is because you have the satisfaction of your accomplishment, plus the gratitude from the person you helped.

One of my favorite ways to boost my confidence is to solve problems for myself and others because it proves to me that I am capable. Also, I know if I can solve one problem, I can solve another, and another, and another… There truly is no limit to my capabilities, even if it means bringing in an army to help get it done.

4. Dress for Success

All my life I have showered every day. Even more, I never went a day without make-up and a nice outfit. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a pair of flats, especially running shoes.

Then I became an entrepreneur who sat behind a computer screen day in and day out. On top of that, one of my clients was a hairstylist who told me I should not be washing my hair every day. I immediately thought, eeewww, gross… skip washing my hair? Well, since my hair was dry with a lot of breakage, I decided to give this every-other-day-hair-wash a try. It was torturous! My hair felt greasy, which she told me it would at first. She was right in that after a short while I can skip washing my hair for a day without the greasiness.

Other than the fact my hair is less dry, there is a profound point to this story. Between sitting behind a computer screen and washing every other day, I turned into someone I never thought I’d become. A slug. Before I knew it, I was wearing sweats, throwing my hair back, and skipping the make-up. Also, before I knew it, I felt sluggish, causing my confidence to slowly drift away. It wasn’t until I reached an all out depressed status that lasted far too long, when I finally realized I must shower every single day. I must do my hair and make-up. I must put on a nice outfit… something that makes me feel sexy.

So, my friend, dressing for success is vital!

Click Here to see who I hired as my stylist to get me out of my funk.

5. Give Back

When was the last time you gave of yourself and your finances? There are five basic love languages; and since we know love feels great, let’s briefly talk about them.

All 5 love languages are actually the same… hear me out!

  1. Receiving Gifts
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Quality Time
  4. Physical Touch
  5. Words of Affirmation

For quickness sake, I am going to give you a couple examples as to how they are all the same, then you can play match up with the rest yourself.

Example #1: Receiving Gifts

  1. One must work for an hourly rate to earn the money to buy you a gift. = Acts of Service
  2. One must spend time picking out the gift they believe will make you happy. = Quality Time
  3. A gift always touches the heart, and a smile and/or a hug is given upon giving the gift. = Physical Touch
  4. Only someone who likes you (admires you) will get you a gift. = Words of Affirmation.

Example #2: Acts of Service

  1. If someone does something for you, they are doing it so you do not have to. They are saving you time, money, energy, and effort. = That is definitely a gift to you!
  2. It takes time to do something for you. The person helping you could be doing something else that they enjoy better. = Quality Time
  3. When there is a task at hand that you don’t have to do because someone else has stepped in to do it for you, that gives you calmness and peace of mind (to say the least). = Physical Touch
  4. People tend to help those who they love, like, or admire. = Words of Affirmation.

So, my point is this. Love feels great! There are 5 love languages. You are dominant in at least one, and recognize the others. Since love feels great for both the receiver and the giver, show love by giving back. Then, watch your confidence soar!

6. Exercise Your Mind

I find it quite fascinating that there is a vast population who care deeply about their physical appearance, yet neglect their minds. It’s as though they say, “As long as I look good, I don’t need to have any wits about me.”

What if people began exercising their minds like they exercise their bodies?

Mental sharpness is a must if you want to have maximum confidence. Being smart and wise allows you to feel comfortable in all situations. You can go into any conversation knowing what to say and how to say it. Even if you are not schooled on the topic at hand, you are wise enough and confident enough to say, “This is a new topic for me, please help me to understand.” Vise versa, someone who lacks wisdom and confidence will either shy away from the conversation or bullshit their way through it, causing them to look and feel like a fool (the opposite of confidence).

I encourage you to exercise your mind daily in both personal development and hot topics. As your brain expands its knowledge, your confidence will grow beyond ten feet tall and will be bullet proof.

7. Be the Expert

Obviously, you cannot be the expert at everything. However, find the topic you are passionate about and become the expert. Soak up as much knowledge as you can on the topic you love, then teach it to others. Teaching is a great way to build confidence. Also, use your knowledge to help others, because solving problems for other people is a magnificent confidence booster.

8. Apply What You Teach

Knowledge is knowing, applying knowledge is wisdom. What good does it do you to know what you ought to be doing while not doing it? None! In fact, it only hurts you. More than likely, it makes you feel anxious, guilty, and frustrated. Even more, it hinders your business… your success! It is time to strap on your big kid shoes and walk the talk. When you do what needs done, your confidence will fly to new heights because you will be proud of yourself.

Follow the two-minute rule. Whatever you don’t feel like doing, commit to doing it for just two minutes. After two minutes, you are sure to be in the mood to continue doing what you’re doing.

For example, I started writing this article yesterday, and knew I needed to finish it today. When I began writing today, I was not in the mood. I did not want to apply my knowledge to this page to enlighten you to these concepts. So, I committed to just writing no less than one of these keys. Well, here I am just about done.

By applying what I teach (do not procrastinate) I feel great about myself for my accomplishment today! I am confident!

9. Understand Business

We are in a day and age when [seemingly] everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Many have worked as an employee for most of their years, and now are stepping into the business owner role. However, they have no experience and knowledge about being a business owner, because they have been trained as an employee. Sadly, as a result, many people are getting screwed over by other entrepreneurs who promise the world but deliver soggy fries. Before they know it, their reputation is in ruins, along with their business… and yet, they blame the world for their failure.

To have the ultimate confidence as a business owner, you must understand business and what your responsibilities are. There is no confidence to be had when running towards your dreams in the dark.

I encourage you to take extensive courses on how to operate a business. The more you learn, the more confidence you will have. The more confidence you have, the more success you will have.

10. Have Integrity

Integrity is knowing what the right thing to do is and doing it because it is right, no matter if anyone is watching.

I am often asked why I charge so little to build websites, when my competition charges double what I do. My answer is, and will always be, the same. Because I know how many hours it takes to build a website, and I don’t feel it is the right thing to do to charge my clients an amount that allows me to earn more than a Doctor. Entrepreneurs are already struggling to be able to purchase all the things they need to get their business up and running. If I can cut them a break, I will… because that, my friend, is integrity.

It is this type of integrity that allows me to sleep well at night and look in the mirror each day with confidence.

If this article has benefited you in any way, please leave me a comment so I can converse with you on this web page. I love hearing from and talking with my followers! Also, because you have benefited, so will your friends. So be sure to help your friends by sharing this article with them!

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7 replies
  1. Terry Sparks
    Terry Sparks says:

    Excellent read! I especially like point #10. Integrity seems lost now-a-days and it’s easy for me to consider letting my guard down because the bar has been lowered. But I’m reminded that 1. I serve my God and He expects more from me and 2. I answer to myself. I live with me! and I want to keep good company. There is no exception for a life of integrity. Thanks Elena!

    • Elena Rahrig
      Elena Rahrig says:

      You made some really great points, Terry! Thank you! I agree with you that the bar is lowered with integrity these days. However, I am curious in what areas you feel the bar is lowered?

  2. Tim Sparks
    Tim Sparks says:

    Great list, Elena. I especially like #1 as I tend to struggle with this. It’s easy to allow the nay-sayers to bring you down. I’m going to take your advice and start a compliment notebook so I can refer back to it often.
    I also agree with your point about giving back. I feel so good when I give off myself to others without expecting anything in return.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Elena Rahrig
      Elena Rahrig says:

      I am extremely excited to hear you say you are going to start a compliment notebook! YAY! I cannot wait to hear about how many compliments you receive in 2021. Keep me updated! And yes, giving back does feel amazing. Thanks for chatting with me here.

  3. Daria Dillard Stone
    Daria Dillard Stone says:

    This article was full of real talk! Some of which I need to adhere to – yes I can admit that. Great knowledge! It was comforting because I know for a fact all ten are crucial to succeeding.

    • Elena Rahrig
      Elena Rahrig says:

      Thanks for investing in yourself, Daria, by reading this article and adhering to it. I know you receive many compliments daily, so a compliment book will be easy for you to create!


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